Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Anything have their own limit to speak,to WRITE,to act,to create something,,,but you soo mean this time….

*haters,hackers,back-stabber,sweet talker*
Friendship Day
life making miserable nowadays towards
so many trouble in many way i do.
simple mistake make you feel down.
keep trying to changes many thing.
but its already happen and its still your mistake
no matter what you trying to fix it
its still your big MISTAKE!
if that soo mean too you..
i really want to say..
im soorry
if you dont realise that..
its your own problem.
i dont even care if you dont want to forgive me….
if i dont many wrong to you…but it is my last word to you
FUCK OFF!! from my life :) tQ

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